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7:30am - 2pm


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Welcome to Hi Tulip Cafe in Flagler Beach, Florida

Hi Tulip Cafe is your neighborhood breakfast spot.

Great for the family or to meet up with an old friend. Enjoy a perfectly crafted latte from our full espresso bar or cheers with a mimosa or Bloody Mary! We are well known for our large variety of breakfast options served all day. Try a delicious eggs benedict, French toast, or one of our unique multi-grain pancakes. A classic pan omelette or perfectly cooked waffle is waiting for you! Looking for a burst of flavor? Our cajun style shrimp and grits is sure to impress.

Lunch starts at 10:30 am with salads, sandwiches, and wraps. Our ⅓ lb. grass fed burgers are perfectly seasoned and go great with one of our craft beers. Stop by the pastry case to see what’s been freshly baked. You can even call ahead to get your order to-go! We have something for everyone to enjoy.

Join us each month for our special dinner events. A unique, seasonal menu is created by Chef Kevin each month. See Hi Tulip Cafe transformed into an intimate dining experience. Reservations are required and spots fill up quickly! Subscribe to our email list for each month’s menu to be sent right to your inbox. 

Hi Tulip Cafe has been part of the Flagler Beach community for 10 years. Located in the Publix plaza off highway 100, owners Holly and Kevin have kept the quality and service standards above and beyond expectations of it’s guests. E-mail us
with any questions or comments. We want to thank our wonderful customers for your continued support and we look forward to seeing you often.


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Hi Tulip Crew

Meet our staff. An eclectic group of dedicated individuals with talent and passion that meet the Hi Tulip Standards.

Kevin - Chef/Owner

Kevin is fulfilling his dream of owning his own place. When not working, he is working at Hi Tulip. He grew up in Ormond Beach and received his culinary degree from Daytona State College which is coming in handy: and it shows. Kevin has many other talents such as being a member of 2 bands. He plays many instruments including keyboard, violin, and various percussion. He also is an avid skateboarder and occasionally has time to surf. Kevin has an old soul and couldn’t be a nicer boss. Hi Tulip says: be-all, end-all

Holly - Co-Owner

Holly...native of Daytona Beach, FL, and retired, wait...what? Retired? Nope. After delivering mail in Ormond Beach for 40 years, she is helping her son live his dream by helping as much as possible. Doing what mom’s do…grocery shop, clean, plan, pay the bills, encourage, repeat. Café owner is now on her working resume. When she can, she joins Bud on some of his travelling adventures. Holly, aka Ya-Ya, Loves, loves, loves her Grandbabies! And will hold your baby while you enjoy your meal if you let her.
Hi Tulip says: Thanks mom


Our behind the scenes support. She is Chef Kevin’s long-time girlfriend and is understanding of his dedication and long hours it takes to be a restaurant owner. She will occasionally bake delicious bakery items for Hi Tulip, is a sounding board for ideas, helps with the computer, sign maker and Host when needed.
Hi Tulip says: Best supporting actress award goes to.....

Bud - The Big Guy

Bud...grew up in Daytona Beach, Florida and is enjoying his retirement years by doing some travelling, hiking attending blue grass festivals, and gardening. When not on the road he loves to hang out with his 4 wonderful Grandchildren. The Hi Tulip Café is a new adventure, however. He helps in many ways as the main honey-do person. (He better, as his wife is the owner!) He fully supports his wife and son, the chef, as they all take on this family-owned and operated endeavor. Hi Tulip says: The big guy

Hi Tulip - Back of House

The talented people behind the scenes!


Doug...is from an era of hard workers. He enjoys listening and singing along to music that keeps the back of the house in an upbeat vibe. Doug has had a colorful background and is a dependable staple at Hi Tulip. He is currently the caretaker of his elderly mother and with the patience she had for him, he now has for her. Hi Tulip says: he can tackle the job


We admire her skills and dedication in our kitchen. Stays late and arrives early. Not only her cooking talents, but her organizational skills, willingness to help, and knowing what must be done and keeping everyone on track. Say no more. We are lucky she is a huge part of our Hi Tulip Family and we can rest assured that everything will be taken care of when she is working. Hi Tulip says: Hats off to this woman in the kitchen

Back of House Cont. + Front of House

More talented people who make up the family at Hi Tulip Cafe!

Hanna - Barista supreme (Front of House)

She has what it takes to impressively handle the espresso machine as well as handle the café when needed, as she doesn’t mince words. She is fair and takes her job very seriously as well as personally. Hanna is a hard worker and really cares about the success of Hi Tulip. We value her input. Her daughter and her cat get the benefit of her gentle nature, as well as all her attention when she is home relaxing. Hi Tulip says:  we discovered a treasure!  Hi Tulip says: A rose in our garden


Neal...is working his first job ever. And boy is he working. Washing the dishes is not an easy task. He dutifully rides his bicycle to work every day, in any weather, and has never been late. Neal is a local, growing up in Flagler Beach. When he is not working, he enjoys gaming and hanging out with his nephews. A great sense of humor, good attitude and dedicated worker, he finds solitude and pride in his job. Hi Tulip says: going at it tooth and nail

Rhett (Front of House)

Can you say extraordinary? Rhett is our pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Not only a maestro at the art of espresso, but a wonderful smile, very helpful, delightful personality, sociable and dedicated to Hi Tulip. Rhett is a Flagler Beach native, and practically knows everyone that walks through the door. And if he doesn’t, he will ask you your name. Outside of work, Rhett is an avid bike rider. Hi Tulip says: he never met a stranger

Front of House Gems Cont.

Every person on our staff adds another layer of flavor to our operation.


Dawn...has lived in Palm Coast for several years. She has been a successful server for over 30 years, including here at Hi Tulip Café. She has many “regular” customers who ask for her, as she is very efficient, professional, and sociable. When she is at work, she is at work....results, not excuses. Married to husband Paul, who is the love of her life. She has a son whom she affectionately calls Little Paul. (He’s 6 feet tall) Dawn enjoys gardening, cooking, camping, the beach, and says she loves to do anything during her time off, as long as she is in bed by 8 pm! Hi Tulip says: Dawn is our fire on all cylinders

Brittany - a Natural

She came into our Hi Tulip family like she has known us and worked for us her whole life. She is very helpful, friendly, and attentive to the customers. Brittany definitely meets our high standards for giving customer service, with a smile. Even her eyes just smile and she has the cutest dimples you’ve ever seen. Hi Tulip says: our diamond in this rough service industry.


Wow. what a find! Sarah is a go getter, people pleaser and quick as a lightning bolt. With a smile on her face, she is always willing to help when needed. From clock in to clock out, she is all about doing more than necessary to help the day run smoothly as a team player. And with an even brighter smile, she will tell you how proud she is of her daughter. Hi Tulip says: good workers are hard to find,….and then there came you


our part time server and full-time daddy. He is very calm and accommodating to the needs of the customers and is pretty much the nicest guy , always displaying his warm smile. Alex is a Flagler Beach native, loving the beach, surfing, music and being a doting daddy. Hi Tulip says: you’re a chill dude, brother.